Independent Full-Time Council Candidate for the City of Cincinnati

Improving the socio-economic health of our City through engagement and accountability

I AMERICA: Igniting Engagement of Real Issues in Communities through Accountability
I am seeking a seat on Cincinnati City Council because our City needs change! From the top down, we cannot keep doing or thinking the same. This is a new day and time, that calls for new thoughts and ways.

I AMERICA Black-Johnson, and I am your 2017 Non-Partisan Full-time Council Candidate because I have what it takes to spark positive and effective systemic change that will ultimately improve the socio-economic health of our City. I have the right blend of competence, intellect, experience, and personality to successfully engage people from all walks of life to work together to identify, analyze, and solve issues that are critical for a thriving economy and wonderful quality of life for all of Cincinnati.

When the people are doing good...our City is doing great!   

​All of us may not realize it yet, but our City is great because of its strong history and rich diversity. We must continue to embrace and nurture these qualities rather than allow them to divide and conquer us. 
Imagine our City abounding in:
  • quality and rewarding jobs and employment opportunities that all able-bodied individuals can choose from to meet their vocational and financial goals;
  • affordable, energy-efficient, and inviting housing for everyone, that individuals and families are proud to call home; 
  • quality, reliable, convenient, and eco-friendly transportation;
  • a wonderful menu of education opportunities for all who need and want to grow and develop;
  • intelligent, energetic, carefree, and healthy children and youth who are able to pursue and nurture their passions and gifts;
  • strong, wise elders who are respected and valued as pillars of wisdom, knowledge, and support;
  • productive adults and parents who step up as leaders to become productive members of the community;
  • vibrant, safe streets, and clean green spaces that evoke a presence of peace and tranquility;
  • a fair and equitable justice system;
  • engaging and respectful interpersonal relationships between everyone; and
  • whatever else you would like to see!

I will help us get on track to realizing such a bountiful City. As your Councilmember, my staff and I will diligently research and investigate the very elements that we need to make our City the best place to live, work, and play. Starting with our finances by exploring additional revenue opportunities not only at our local leve, but at the county, State, and Federal levels as well; reducing excessive spending; and eliminating unnecessary, wasteful expenses so that we will have the resources we need to do more for the people of Cincinnati.

It's going to take changes to mindsets and hearts to rid society of many of the societal ills that plague us. It's also going to take constructive support from one another, which means we must hold ourselves and each other accountable during the process. It's going to take strong, hard-working, competent leadership...I AMERICA!